Welcome here!


Hello everybody and welcome to this brand new blog!

Who Am I?

Gone for a walkFirst, let me tell you a little bit about myself : My name is Agnes (pronounced Ahn-yes) and I’m a 30 years old woman who likes to share her thoughts and pretty much everything that makes me happy or make life what it is.

My wonderful husband and I have two amazing boys, aged 3 and 4.

I have been a lifestyle blogger in France for 3 years now, and as I am stepping into a new season of my life, I decided to start my first blog in English.

We believe that our path is leading us to Perth, Australia and we are in the process of moving there.

What will you find on this blog?

Hmmm, a lot of things I guess :

I will be sharing with you my reflections on faith and spirituality, my struggles, my inspirations… my journey, to sum it up!

But I believe that life is also about all these ordinary things, and this why you will find these on here : wether it is the people who inspire me, the places I travel to or love to go to, the recipes I cook, the time spent with my family and the journey on being the best mother I can be (while being aware I’m always going to imperfect).

Another thing that really matters to me is the issue of self-image, especially amongst young women. A whole part of this blog will be dedicated to try to empower girls and women to embrace their body and identity and learn to love themselves the way they are. Trust me, I am on that journey too, and I just want to speak openly about it so that we can encourage one another.

So yes, you got it, this blog is about personal development and finding balance in this crazy life through a christian perspective – in a very humble and honest way – as I am aware I am far from being perfect ( so let’s just make that clear right from the start!) and I believe in this world where everything needs to look perfect, a little honesty won’t hurt.

So will you walk that path with me? I’m inviting you to go for an exciting walk together. We may stumble, but we will keep going.

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