The day we decided to leave

There we were, looking at each other and realising we had just started a new adventure.

How did that even happened?

We were in Dunsborough, Western Australia, enjoying a hot Christmas Holiday. The plan was to find a sponsorship to live in Perth permanently, but right there, in the loneliest capital city of the planet, we realised what a shame it was to move here without having traveled to Europe first.

We are like that, Vincent and I. We love traveling, we love discovering new places, new people. We’re always sorry we don’t travel more.

But in that moment, things were going to change. Stroke by stroke, we were starting to draw the outline of what the next few months of our lives were going to look like.

This is what happened.

Why do we want to travel ?

Another way of life

We’ve been wanting to live life differently for quite some time now. We both feel like there is more to life than just waking up, go to work, come home and crawl in your bed. We also want to embrace a more respectful way of life with minimum belongings and minimum wastes.

Discover places and cultures

We want to encounter other cultures, to see other places, meet people, learn, grow, experience. We are not looking for a touristic experience, but rather want an authentic one.

All about sharing

We are all about sharing : we want to share life with the people we are going to meet and we want to share our experiences with others through this blog and our Youtube channels.


Grow as a family

We are aware that we are not going to have our children with us forever. Travelling with our two young boys is going to give them an extra-ordinary experience as well as bringing us closer together. We believe in teaching our kids other values than what they have been used to : we want to teach them not to love and rely on money, to meet others, make a difference in helping people, and enjoy life in a more simple way.

Why now ?

We don’t want until we are older, richer, with no children, more free time or anything like that before we decide to follow our dreams. We believe life is happening right here, right now. It’s never the right time… or maybe it is?

How is our trip going to look like?

Where, when and how?

We have decided to travel Europe in a moto- home. We like the freedom it gives us : the possibility to stay longer in places we love or move forward if we feel the need to. We would use it to go from places to places and ride our bikes the rest of the time.

We want to see as many countries as possible, and take as much time as we need. For now, we are thinking about a year of travels, starting as soon as possible in 2018.

What will we do?

Vincent will keep working as a nomad web developer to ensure a minimum wage we need for our daily expenses and I will homeschool the boys. However, there are a few things we will both do regarding our trip.


Of course, we are going to blog about our travels. Wether it is to share our experiences as digital nomads, our daily troubles or victories, the places we go to and the people we meet.

We will blog in French and English and you could also follow us on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.



We will keep a Youtube Channel updated with weekly blogs on our travels. We also planned on publishing video interviews of people we meet.  I will also upload vlogs and videos on my personal Youtube Chanel.


So what now?

The planning starts now : selling our house, finding a motor-home and all the gear that we are going to need, deciding what our route is going to be, budgeting, and just getting on with it!

We hope you will enjoy following us in this adventure and that maybe you will be inspired to do the same 🙂

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